Why Point System?

The problem with creating most games is fairness. "How do I make sure that one player doesn't have an unfair advantage"? The answer is the point system. The point system allows all of a units stats to be quantified and units can so be compared. Ideally a strong unit will have more points than a weaker one. Keep in mind that the point system is not perfect, as it was created by me, so updates and revisions will follow. Any ideas would also be appreciated!

Point System

Implementing game theory and testing, the point system boils down the possibilites for unit design to its essentials; life, attack, movement and specials, and assigns values to each so that units can be compared and gaeplay remains fair. The mechanics of each of these attributes is described below.

Life Mechanics

Life mechanics are any stats which affect the ability of a unit to survive. When a unit has no life left, it is no longer in play. Therefore, life points, defense and evasion effects are all counted in life mechanics. The calculations for each are as follows:

1 Life  = 1 point
1 Defense = 2 points
Defense Dice = 2x Expected Value*
Evasion** = life x modifier***
  • Expected value is 1/2 of highest possible roll of a die.
    • Evasion is the ability to forego damage.
      • A modifier is a condition; for example a coin flip is a 50% modifier

Movement Mechanics

Movement mechanics are any stats which allow a unit to position itself strategically to give or avoid damage. For this reason, ranged attacks are counted with movement as movement mechanics

1 Movement = 1 point
1 Range = 1 point

Attack Mechanics

Attack Mechanics are any stats which allow a unit to do damage or decrease the enemies life total. Some effects, such as radial or line damage, allow multiple targets to be hit so count among the attack mechanics*. A unit may use up to one attack a turn unless otherwise stated. 

1 Attack = 1 point
1 Attack Dice = Expected Value
Line Effect = 1/2** Range Multiplier
Radius Effect =1/2** Pi x π^2*** addition****
  • While these account as attack mechanics, they are also an important part of specials
    • A 1/2 multiplier is used to account for the fact that the full effectivness of the attack will not always apply. 
      • Formula for the area of a circle
        • addition is used on radial damage as a multiplier would be prohibitive point-system wise.

Special Effects

Specials are effects which trigger independantly of whether you have attacked or not. They are calculated using the existing Attack, Movement and Life Mechanics, but have an additional 1.5x multiplier on the final points*. The often incorportate averages of existing totals, such as Life, movement or average damage, epseciall if the special applies to other units as well. You will often see things like ∆Attack Team x ....... in claculations. 

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